From the stress of the project due in two hours to the struggle of trying to strengthen ones iman, life can get crazy. This is the account of one Muslimahs attempts, triumphs, and countless failures in her quest to balance college life.

Friday, November 26, 2010

What goes up...

I think I can I think I can..I.. Think I can? Well, I thought I could.

It's one of those moments when Human nature kicks in. When reality comes back to remind you that you've been in a good mood for too long and it's time to shed some tears. You know exactly what I'm talking about... You've had a really good few months and now it's time to hit rock bottom and start making your way back up again. The fight is not in the climb yet, it will be soon enough, but for now your biggest task is to decide that your ready to start climbing again. 
It's not exactly the best time to be waving the white flag because regardles of my sanity, finals start next week.
For now, readers, i remain undecided and so I will join my friends(as they have also given up) in their massive pity party...but don't worry it won't last too's painful down here :/
( As a dear reader of mine says..يل للعمل السيي.)

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  1. salams
    where are you?

    hope you are ok?