From the stress of the project due in two hours to the struggle of trying to strengthen ones iman, life can get crazy. This is the account of one Muslimahs attempts, triumphs, and countless failures in her quest to balance college life.

Friday, November 26, 2010

What goes up...

I think I can I think I can..I.. Think I can? Well, I thought I could.

It's one of those moments when Human nature kicks in. When reality comes back to remind you that you've been in a good mood for too long and it's time to shed some tears. You know exactly what I'm talking about... You've had a really good few months and now it's time to hit rock bottom and start making your way back up again. The fight is not in the climb yet, it will be soon enough, but for now your biggest task is to decide that your ready to start climbing again. 
It's not exactly the best time to be waving the white flag because regardles of my sanity, finals start next week.
For now, readers, i remain undecided and so I will join my friends(as they have also given up) in their massive pity party...but don't worry it won't last too's painful down here :/
( As a dear reader of mine says..يل للعمل السيي.)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Know your Prophet

A short post, but it is what is on my mind right now

  Since the death of Sayidna Muhammad (salaallahu aleihy wasalam), people of other faiths have asked us Muslims the same exact questions...Why did your prophet marry a young girl, why must women cover and not men...We have all heard them before.
Why is it that, after being asked the same questions for the past 1400 years, we still cannot answer them? Not for lack of information, nor for wisdom, nor guidance, have we failed to lay out the truth.So what is it that renders us unable, leaves us looking incapable of representing our deen?
I have personally heard some of these question being asked right in front of me and had to hold myself back from whacking not the one who questioned, but the one who gave the ignorant and ill thought out answer right upside the head. And woe to the one who stands in the face of a human and is visibly ashamed of his deen! If you knew your religion, knew the answers and wisdom behind each and every decree of your religion and action of your beloved prophet, you would shrink away from no one.

"Allahuma Saly 3ala Sayidna Muhammad"
Every day when on our knees, we pray to Allah and repeat this phrase. As a friend use to say to me, you only pray for those you know and love. So... do we know the great man whose name is frequently on our tongues? Can we comfortably say that we KNOW his character and his personality. If we did, these questions would not make even the meek among us flinch.
I implore you reader, and remind myself before anyone else, to know what is being asked and what is the truthful answer. Do not hide your deen, Allah (subhanahu wa'tala) has wisdom unmeasurable, and surely if you can rely on him for your breath than you can stand by His decree. There is infinite meaning behind every one of Allahs (subhanahu wa'tala) commands, and it is not for us to impose our petty human way of thinking upon them.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ranting: the inevitable facts of life

Its inevitable...things change; Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the--uh-- not so better. And, since this is reality and not a Jane Austin novel, we don't know how a situation will turn out until after its all said and done. No easy button here!
This week, I learned that sometimes it is much easier to be hurt and deal with the pain than to speak your mind. I learned that you can't please everyone, not by a long shot. That sometimes, even the people you thought knew you the most don't know you at all.
But then again, you don't actually learn this, you remember that you tucked the knowledge somewhere in the dusty file cabinet that is your mind. And one day when you least expect it that truth comes out from the part of your brain you choose to ignore 364 days a year.
At some point, you realize that what you want may not be what anyone else wants for you. When does it become their right to intervene? Maybe right away? when you've gone mad? Or maybe from start to end, whether you think you need it or not. So who? Who decides what YOU need?

Heres the cool part, the part that always bring my smile back in full force... No one decides what you need but ALLAH and everyone else is merely a means.So when those tough facts of life hit you full force, depend only on HIM and you will not go wrong. In fact, you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

Phew! That was wayyy to serious for me. Now that that's over, been under the weather for a few days and am pulling through Alhamdullilah. Having a cold is NOT fun when finals are two weeks away. But the down time is always nice when life gets too hectic.
Double edged sword...sickness and relaxation? Ya basically!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy eid y'all!

Happy eid and kul 3am wa2ntum bekhair!
May Allah (swt) forgive our sins and give us perseverance on his path and patience in our hearts.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Muslim (?) out there!

 Last monday my studio critic waltzed in  and made our class take a personality test. We all stared at her for a minute and figured what the hay why not let's humor the lady. When we finished she collected the papers and went back to critiquing our latest designs as comment whatsoever 
Today,one week later... A very nice man with a few PHD's(lol) came in and psychoanalyzed us based on the results. Without any previous knowledge he decided I am either an architect or an industrial designer. I was impressed being that he was spot on but not impressed enough to be convinced. I guess he could tell because he sat there and gave me a breakdown of my tendencies, the type of people that would make good friends for me (completely accurate), the type of spouse that would suit me(Allahu a'lam) and a laundry list of characteristics that were  
So where am I getting with this?  My train of thought today(more like everyday) is pretty random so im actually not completely sure, but I felt like the whole ordeal just furthered my motivation to be great. Not great as in  Ceasar-Napoleon-take-over-the-world-great but more like the best at anything I do because it is my Islamic duty kind of great.
I always feel a sense of happiness and victory when I surprise  a professor or the deen of something (there's too many of them really) by showing them that I too can be outspoken and strong. It makes them realize that this girl is Muslim and she can really hold her own. Isn't it time that we show the world what were made of. There is a new generation of engineers, writers, political scientists, journalists, lawyers, doctors, architects, designers, and guess what? THEY ARE INTERESTING AND DYNAMIC YOUNG MUSLIMS! Bet you weren't expecting that one!
Tell the world what you are...if your in public relations then be the Best PR manager out there. If you design spoons then make it the coolest spoon in circulation! 
And as long as you are Muslim remember that you do your best not for anyone but Allah. Hold true to that and you will not be let down. You may struggle but it is never in vain. 
P.s- while I'm on my ranting spree... Be the best son or daughter, brother or sister, parent, friend, spouse, and any other position You may hold. 
Be the best because Allah (swt) told us to. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


With only five weeks left in the semester I feel like I can keep up the studying and giving up hasnt even crossed my mind. I tell myself over and over YOU ARE IN THIS FOR THE LONG HALL YOUNG LADY! But something is off.
When it comes down to it... the common phrase for what im feeling is basically peer pressure. It's funny I've always been confident and yet, I find myself feeling guilty and unsure for choosing to work and study over hanging out with the girls.
Why is this so? Why do i feel so guilty when someone looks at me like im doing something wrong? I might be busy but it's understandable right? Isn't it? Apparently not.
When I began writing this blog I hoped that highschool seniors would read it and think things over before they started college...prioritize and discuss their plans with friends and family. But now I look forward to hearing the advice of my blogger sisters and brothers rather than being the one to voice my opinion.
Life is both confusing and humbling...
Comments and criticism(constructive would be great!) is much appreciated.